Staclean NB


  • Protect electronic products during delivery, conveyance and storage .
  • Neutral (around PH 7.0) clean-paper that gives no bad effect such as rusting or corrosion by touching to the products .



  • Inter-leaf paper for lead-frame, printed circuit board, condenser and wafer Paper frame for cleaning mold during molding process.
Product No.WeightThicknessSheet Size
SC50NB50 g/m²0.07mm788 x 1.91
SC64NB64 g/m²0.09 mm788 x 1.91
SC100NB100 g/m²0.15 mm788 x 1.91
SC255NB255 g/m²0.3 mm788 x 1.91
SC420NB420 g/m²0.5 mm788 x 1.91