Major Customers

  • Semiconductor Industries
  • Electronics Industries
  • Food Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Hospital Industries
  • Car Manufacturers
  • Appliance Industries

Allkey Company

  • Allkey International Corporation - Taiwan
  • Allkey (Thailand) Co., Ltd. - Thailand
  • Allkey (Korea) International - Korea
  • Allkey (Mexico) International, Inc. - Mexico
  • Allkey (USA) International, Inc. - USA

    Allkey communicate with the essence of your business. With world-wide sourcing capabilities and global distribution, Allkey continue to provide you with innovative and distinctive products that fit your unmet needs.

We offer…
  • Manufacture of Cleanroom garments and apparels
  • Manufacture of Nonwoven materials
  • Converting of ESD and Moisture Control Bags
  • Assembly of Static Control Products
  • Importer of various and branded cleanroom consumable supplies
  • Cleanroom Laundry Services
What we do…
Who we are...

    Our company has been in the business for more than 2 decades, since the start of the semiconductor and electronics boom in the Philippines way back in the 80’s. We have grown  side by side with our customers, we’ve been enriched by experience and have built-up a reputation as one of the pioneers involved in the manufacture and trading of ESD and Contamination controls products in the Philippines.

    Working with our numerous global supply partners and manufacturers, Allkey has carried a diverse product ranges to the local market and made it possible for our customers to avail of it at their  convenience, taking in mind the ever evolving supply chain management and diversification.

    With a team of accomplished and dedicated staff, ALLKEY has evolved to meet the needs of our customers while maintaining a balance that enables us to handle projects varying greatly in size and scope. Our aim has remain true to form until now “we grow when you do”