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Welcome to Allkey International Inc.

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Allkey is motivated by the belief that great experiences build great businesses. Our competent personnel work with our clients to understand and meet their expectations. Drawing from the rich experiences that our own employees have gained from many years working in the field of trading and manufacturing, our products and services have been designed with the specific intent of empowering semiconductor companies as they meet their individual company mandates.

With our finger on the pulse of the industry and with an eye toward the future, ALLKEY INTERNATIONAL, INC. will continue to provide quality products & services to keep pace with the ever changing demands of our clients.

That’s how the company was built and it is how we continue to run it today.

This is not just a plastic phone case. After your smart phone case attaches to a detachable microscope lens, it will become a Smart Microscope which will use state-of-the-art mobile technology and microscopy.

11-22-13 Super Strom Yolanda/Haiyan
11-12-13 Central Visayas Earthquake
07-19-13 Book Drive Project
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